When you take lessons at T.N.G Academy, you will find only the best dance instructors. That’s because we hire the top teachers who have years of experience in helping others learn the art of dance. A professional dance instructor knows how to help you learn to move your feet and body to the music. Our instructors have helped many students to develop their skills as well as their physical and mental development.



  • Best female dancer 2014-2015 at Premios Escenarios de Sevilla, (Stage Awards of Seville).

  • Best female dancer 2013 at I Premios del Teatro Andaluz, (Andalusian Theater Awards).

  • Best female dancer 2011 at Premios Escenarios de Sevilla, (Stage Awards of Seville).

  • Jury Prize for the direction of “Dress Code” at I National Contest of Dancing Capsules 2010 in Centro de las Artes de Sevilla.

  • Tokyo Ballet Con 2010 Finalist-2014 Performed as an exhibition guest at a ballet competition

  • 2013 UNICEF World anti-violence music video

  • 2012 Sweet Dream 3on3 battle best 8-Performed at BIG BANG!! TOKYO

  • 2012 All Style Finalist-Top 8 of Bust A Move in Montreal

  • 2012 Waacking Top 8-Three Style Battle

  • Vancouver Street Dance Festival 2012 Waacking Finalist-Honor Roll Battle in Vancouver

  •  2012 Waacking Top 4

  • 2010 Winter Olympic Closing Ceremony

  • 2009 IBE Prelims IBE UK 3rd place

  • 2008 Battle of the Year Canada 1st place

  • 2008 International Battle of the Year 2008 Final Place 7th

  • 2006~2010 RedBull&DairyLand&Coos-Light Ad

  • 2007 VANCOUVER K-POP IVY concert  (Korea Artist) 

  • 2006 GM concert JUSTIN (HonKong Artist) 

  • 2005 Fairchild TV commerical

  • WORLD OF DANCE, All style battle 2nd place.

  • 2012 (Canada)-SBS KPOP STAR season 2.

  • 2013 (Korea) TV appearance-The Ellen Degeneres show, Youtube 6th anniversary (America)

  • 2011. TV appearance-Cube Entertainment Global Audition, 1st place.

  • 2011 (Korea)-FOX ASIA, TVN Star Hunt

  • 2011 (Hong Kong) TV appearance





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